For over 100 years, Greer Limestone’s dedication to excellence has provided a rock-solid foundation improving the lives of thousands of people.

Founded in 1914, Greer Limestone is a highly advanced mining operation, utilizing modern equipment and best in industry manufacturing practices. With three underground facilities and one open pit quarry, Greer has the capacity to produce over 5 million tons of limestone aggregates per year for its customers, and owns hundreds of years of limestone reserves.

Every day, limestone from Greer operations is being used to build America’s infrastructure. Limestone is integral to the construction industry and to help build our roads. Greer also supplies stone to America’s coal mines and the domestic gas and oil industry.

Dave Kelly - 1st plant manager

Greer Limestone History


Herbert & Agnes Greer founded Greer Limestone in Morgantown, WV.

Late 1920s

A small locomotive replaced donkeys and carts transporting stone to the primary crusher.


Under R.A. Dyke Raese’s leadership, Greer continued to invest in operations by purchasing an electric shovel and conveyor belt.


New power lines were installed to help increase efficiency and production.


A major shift in production took place in 1950 when two Euclid trucks were purchased. Daily production doubled when the trucks replaced the train and cart method of hauling limestone.


Greer’s facilities underwent a large scale upgrade to meet the demand for several million tons of limestone needed to build the Sutton Dam/


The increased productivity helped Greer become a highly sought after company when the U.S. Interstate was to be built in the coming years.


As the United States continued development of the highway system, Greer purchased three asphalt plants in Morgantown, Fairmont and New Martinsville. With limestone being a major ingredient to asphalt a natural synergy was already in place.


In an effort to continue supplying state and federal infrastructure projects, Buckeye Stone Company began production in 1972. Taking advantage of the southernmost minable exposure of the Loyalhanna Limestone deposit, Greer was able to meet the requirements for non-skid asphalt aggregate.


As Greer Limestone churned our quality products day-after-day upgrades were needed.  Over the course of twenty years a cutting edge facility replaced well worn equipment at the centerpiece of the limestone division. New mills were built, automation systems put in place and telescoping conveyor systems were brought online.


In addition to major upgrades, a sand plant to accommodate Superpave asphalt design was built in 1995.


Just east of Morgantown, WV,  Greer acquired the Decker’s Creek facility in 1996.


In 2010 Greer completed computerization of the limestone blending facility at Decker’s Creek.